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FM Tasarım

About Us


Our company entered the furniture industry in 1996 as a manufacturer.

Our production has adopted the lean and high quality Furniture design concept, which can meet the customer's wishes and tastes, offer different designs according to the size, find the functionality and comfort of modern and country life.

You can find professional solutions according to place and size of unlimited designs, architectural projects and all kinds of places in our company. Modern, Country Bedroom, Dining Rooms, Sofa Sets, TV Units, Young Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Sliding Cabinets, Coat Stand, Library, Desks etc

Glass, Metal, Wood, Fabric, Leather, such as the quality and durability of materials such as the availability of the products are presented. Our products are under the guarantee and MASKO and MODOKO FURNITURE CITY ASSURANCE

Our company Masko Ikitelli Istanbul and Modoko Umraniye Istanbul open 365 days of the year, the world's largest furniture cities FM design serves you in the best way.

About Us